Content and Document Management

Backlog solution

BSC has considerable accumulated experience and infinite expertise in a broad spectrum of Backlog, e-Business and integration solutions. Whether an organization is large, medium-sized or small, whether it’s centralized or dispersed throughout numerous sites, BSC can and will provide comprehensive and intelligent solutions for a wide array of needs, as well as offer localized solutions for the various media requirements of each organization.


Document management System & corresponding system

Where is the content that runs your business? Is it centrally managed, or is it spread across multiple PC’s, email in-boxes, USB sticks, portable disc drives and network file shares?  BSC provides all of the core document management services needed to allow organizations to capture and manage electronic files and automate document-centric business processes.


ECM Enterprise Content Management

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution enables organizations to easily and efficiently capture, store, manage, publish and dispose of information contained within its business documents, while also making information easier to use for organization and stakeholder outcomes.


Solutions & technology:

  • OnBase Hyland
  •  Documentum
  • Oracle DMS
  • File pro
  • File net